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TN is back.

Expect metal in the very near future.

You have been warned.


2009-04-01 04:21:07 by TwilightNecrosis

I got banned!
Seriously, I got banned for making a comment in a 70's porno music thread, where I extolled the virtues of FRANK FUCKING ZAPPA, biotches!
Wow, I'm still laughing.....
Okay, better now.

And as a side note > AYPRUHL FEWLS!!!

Finally, after waiting for a long time to save up enough money to really go crazy, I am now the proud owner of an Audio-Technica AT-2035 and Presonus AudioBox USB interface.
Now I can finally get caught up on my vocals, yay!!!

Got some new shit put up.
Check them bitches out: /143431 /143435
And another one coming up soon.

for the play I'm in.
We've been working on this for the past 2 months, and it all comes down to the next 4 nights.
I don't even have a big part, and I'm still nervous as fuck.
I have a funny feeling we're going to suck total balls tonight, but I hope I'm wrong.
Wish me luck, guys.

Well, everyone...

2008-03-27 22:08:56 by TwilightNecrosis

I'm pleased to announce that the "Deadly Sinners" cover that InsaneSmilie, CyriltheWolf, speedmetalmessiah, and myself have been slaving away on is almost complete.
I'm sure this will enthrall you all, as soon we will be unleashing the second-best cover (ProjectGodMode gets top honors for "One Winged Angel...which is badass!) the AP has ever seen!